Avoiding Becoming a Victim

Always keep your guard up when you’re homeless. People will victimize you. Beware of whom you accept help from. Never trust easily. Trust is a two way street, and is always to be earned. Being a single mom and homeless puts a woman is the perfect vulnerable position to becoming a victim of abuse. It presents the perfect opportunity for predators aka abusers to take advantage of you, by offering you help. Abuse begins slowly, and grows gradually. It can often begin by yelling, which is a form of verbal, then the abusive words that are spoken begin affecting you on a mental level. If they begin trying to tear you down, by bashing on you, and raising their voice in front of your kids, know that it greatly affects your kids. It can even anger them, or confuse and scare them. It can even go as far as physical abuse. In most cases, people end up hurt or even dead. That’s when someone puts their hand on either you or your kids. Abusers exercise a form of control on all levels. If you offer them money, they will refuse it, which is a form of mind control. To make you think they are actually a good person. They are just trying to confuse you. If it ever gets to that point, know that there is help. You can RUN! And you must play it smart, get your important things, such as documents, grab your kids and run! There is a hotline you can call. People will come and pick you and your kids up and take you to a safe house. They even have a rear-facing, infant car seat.


Giving Up Control

As a single mother, and always used to being in control of everything, how do you all of a sudden give up all control, and move in with another family, to avoid being on the streets? And having your children taken away from you? How do you learn to live by someone else’s rules again, like when you were young, and in your parent’s house? How do you speak up for the things you believe in, in a home that is not your own, for fear of being thrown out, and ending up homeless again? Why is it that people never recognize the things you do for them daily, to show appreciation, and only nit pick at the one thing you forgot to do? To bite one’s tongue is the hardest of all lessons.

Police called on you. (“Money, the root of all evil.”)

As a homeless person, people will constantly call the police on you. If you’re either sleeping on benches or in front of a property. The hardest thing for me to get over was the fact that a few people called police on me for inquiring about properties that are for rent in my own city/neighborhood. These people were too rich to be bothered by my needs and that of my children’s. So much so that they wanted to inflict even more pain and fear on me, as a struggling single mom. I think that God wanted to show my older girl, that┬áhaving so much money and earthly processions, can make you lose sight of what’s really important in the world. Like giving, and helping out your community and the less fortunate. If this was done to a mom dressed nice, walking around with a $200.00 stroller and two clean, beautiful girls, I can’t even imagine the evils that are inflicted upon the depressed, dirty, tired, used up, drunken in his sorrows, old, wrinkled by time, homeless man. The rich are evil, and they have no mercy!